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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Plug-ins Pro is live!

Plug-ins Pro

Plug-ins Pro

Earlier this week, we launched our newest service, Plug-ins Pro. Plug-ins Pro provides professional, native, fully supported Oracle APEX plug-ins that make it easy to extend your applications with extra functionality. To start things off, we have three great plug-ins:

  • Client-side Validation Pro: Give users instant feedback that values are entered correctly or if errors occurred, without writing a single line of code. Client-side Validation Pro will execute the validations defined in the processing section, on request. No more duplicating code to give users instant feedback! 
  • IG Checkbox Pro: A highly customizable checkbox item in your Interactive Grid. It can have up to three states: Null value, selected value, and unselected value. The appearance can be a normal HTML checkbox or any Font APEX icon. 
  • IG Download File Pro: Provide a highly customizable download link in your Interactive Grid. Users can not only download a file, but can also preview certain file types or setup custom menu items for the file.

These plug-ins are just the beginning. We are already working on a few more (Nested Reports Pro, Interactive JET Charts Pro, and more) and would love to hear what plug-ins you want to have next. To request a plug-in, vote on submitted plug-ins or to just learn more about our service, visit And, through September 16th, we're offering an Early Adopter Special Offer - if you are thinking about using Plug-ins Pro, now is the time! Lock in the super-low, special rate and get access to ALL of our plug-ins before the offer comes to an end!



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